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10. Januar 2018
Following the Spanish law on housing ownership a meeting hast o take place once a year, usually on the premises. It is common that these meetings are held in the first months of the year. Some statutes even state the exact date. In the following article we have a closer look at those rules.
09. November 2017
How often have you bought something and weren’t happy with it? And then you don’t know what you should and could do. At home you might know exactly what to do and where to go, but here on Gran Canaria not so much. With X-Mas and it’s obligate buying frenzy just around the corner the following article might come in handy just so that you know what to do while and after the purchase.
06. Oktober 2017
What have you not all heard or read about it! There are approximately 4 million time-share owners world-wide and always a hot topic in the media. Hidden cameras and undercover journalists are in a constant frenzy to find and present its latest victims. Also words like vacation or holiday ownership, fractional, holiday or vacation club, and multi-destination plans are commonly heard of. But only in the rarest of cases the reports are correct or even clarify what the deal really is.
05. September 2017
Maybe you are one of the few people that do absolutely nothing without consulting a lawyer first. One of those that rather spend a few bucks for a consultation, rather than thousands afterwards just to get out of the mess in one piece. And for sure you know those who know it all better. Be it as it may, with the following tips you might refresh your memory, gape in astonishment or laugh, and might even help a friend.
05. Juli 2017
The law regulating touristic rentals was ruled partially void and ineffective and was in part abolished. This new regulation was adopted as a decree.
07. Juni 2017
Every person can come into the situation be it by illness or an accident, not to be able anymore to decide independently and self-determined about important matters of life. Therefore, others have to make decisions about most important aspects of your life. This is true for both medical and economical issues as for business and family affairs.  
10. Mai 2017
The Canary Islands are always in season and the need for living space is on a continuous rise. If you have been thinking about selling your property, the following article might interest you.
12. April 2017
The law of inheritance differs significantly from country to country. Subsequently, every resident is advised to seek a lawyer’s advice in order to avoid unnecessary cost and problems with local authorities.
08. März 2017
You own property on our island that you do not use all year round? You think about renting out to tourists? This is what you need to know:
08. Februar 2017
To draw up a last will is a pretty delicate topic that nobody wants to address. Unfortunately, many times we have no other choice but to deal with it. And honestly, it is good to know that everything has been taken care of if worst comes to worse.

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