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06. Oktober 2017
What have you not all heard or read about it! There are approximately 4 million time-share owners world-wide and always a hot topic in the media. Hidden cameras and undercover journalists are in a constant frenzy to find and present its latest victims. Also words like vacation or holiday ownership, fractional, holiday or vacation club, and multi-destination plans are commonly heard of. But only in the rarest of cases the reports are correct or even clarify what the deal really is.
05. September 2017
Maybe you are one of the few people that do absolutely nothing without consulting a lawyer first. One of those that rather spend a few bucks for a consultation, rather than thousands afterwards just to get out of the mess in one piece. And for sure you know those who know it all better. Be it as it may, with the following tips you might refresh your memory, gape in astonishment or laugh, and might even help a friend.